The task of energy saving and emission reduction in China foundry industry is urgent

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The task of energy saving and emission reduction in foundry industry is urgent and imperative. To promote the energy-saving and emission reduction work of foundry industry should start from technical renovation and policy guidance. Shan in the technical innovation aspect: must strengthen the casting quality, the transformation backward equipment, the promotion use energy-saving emission reduction equipment, enhances the enterprise the Foundry Technology technical level. Shan in policy guidance: first, to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure; second, we should establish the preferential policies to encourage foundry enterprises to increase energy saving and emission reduction; Third, the use of tax policies to speed up the elimination of high energy consumption, serious pollution equipment; four, to improve the industry-wide awareness of energy-saving and emission reduction, increase law enforcement; Five to establish a new industry standard for energy consumption and waste discharge in China's foundry industry.



China Foundry industry technology research and development direction

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China's basic national conditions are large population, abundant labor force, but capital scarce, per capita resources have little. This situation determines that our country must vigorously develop labor-intensive economy in order to use labor resources intensively and save capital and natural resources. In another perspective, the development of labour-intensive economies is not a technological advance, which requires that technological progress be conducive to the full use of labour and the conservation of capital and natural resources to maximize the efficiency of the use of resources. After entering WTO, foundry industry has been developed as a labor-intensive industry, and the relevant policies of the country should be supported. At the same time, the foundry industry in technology development should focus on the development of a variety of resources to improve the efficiency of the use of technology, such as energy-saving technology, consumption reduction technology and resources protection, reuse technology.